Death Valley Wallet Card Game

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Death Valley is a pocket-sized, push-your-luck, tableau building game for 1-2 players, with each traveler striving to assemble the best mix of cards in their Journey and Scrapbook in order to win the game. Each turn, players will choose whether to assign a card to their Journey, or move cards from their Journey to their Scrapbook. Cards feature stars (points), special abilities (affect the value and position of cards), and some interesting facts about Death Valley.
•Document your trip through this scorching landscape in a scrapbook of desert features from landmarks to animals, but be mindful of the heat and other hazards!
•SOLO MODE - The game comes with rules for solo play. Here you will face an AI explorer that thinks through its action each turn similarly to a player (playing the more intense Backseat Driver Variant). This explorer never rests in its pursuit of adventure.
•BACKSEAT DRIVER VARIANT - If you want to really press your luck and give up a little control, try out the Backseat Driver Variant. In this variant players may choose to play the face-up card on their opponent’s journey as well as their own. At the end of each turn you will check to see if either player busts.
•1-2 Players | Ages 8+ | 15 Minutes Playing Time

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