Deddy Bears In Coffin 4.5" Plush Figure: Vambear

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Are you ready to add a new resident to your cemetery of stuffed animal collection? Then we have just the thing for you! You'll definitely catch everyone's eye with our little Vambear Deddy Bear in a coffin. Imagine decorating your nursery with this cute, yet creepy teddy bear. It's not just a cuddly toy, but a real collectible for Halloween lovers. With a total of 8 different Deddy Baer coffins and stuffed animals to collect, we offer you a diverse selection of spooky companions for Halloween. Let yourself be enchanted by the fantasy and charm of this extraordinary gift and experience unforgettable moments on this magical day.
•The little Vambear Deddy Bear in a coffin measures 14 cm and is made of soft, cuddly plush and the coffin is made of sturdy cardboard.
•Each teddy bear has an individually printed coffin, which gives it a very special charm.
•In addition, the coffin contains a death certificate in the form of a certificate, which informs about the cause of death of the teddy bear.
•With a total of 8 different Deddy Baer coffins, there is enough choice for collectors and lovers of Deddy Bears.
•Whether as decoration or as a fantastically curious gift, the Little Vambear Deddy Bear is an absolute must-have for all those who are looking for the extraordinary.

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