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Defcon 1 is an historical and political wargame, set during the Cold War from 1950 to 1990, played on a beautiful 90 x 60 cm game board. This strategic board game is characterized by a gameplay that changes according to the number of players, ranging from a Frontal Shock Game game at 2 players to a semi-cooperative game with 4 players, ending with a secret objective game in the 5 player version. The game is played in five different phases: Initialization, R&D, Political, Production, Atomic, and Warfare. The players control five different blocs: three major blocs (the Atlantic Alliance, the Warsaw Pact, the Non-Aligned Movement) and two minor blocks (France and China). Defcon 1 is fully asymmetrical: each block has its strengths and weaknesses, using its own technological tree, its mission and objective cards, and even scalable pool of units. As the title suggests, the Defcon level degrades during the game from 5 to 1, and the level degrades depending on the actions of the players, opening new strategical options that will become available, such as building nuclear bombs.
•DEFCON 1 is a strategy game taking place from 1950 to 1990 during the cold war. All cards and technologies are historically sourced.
•Each bloc has its own strengths and weaknesses, through its own Technological tree, Mission and Objective cards, and even scalable pool of Units!
•As the DEFCON level progresses depending on the actions of the player, new strategical options become available such as building nuclear bombs.
•Each player has Mission cards in their hand, and will gain rewards upon fulfilling each of them, bringing them closer to victory.
•2-5 Players | Ages 14+ | 90-180 Minutes Playing TIme

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