Dice Bag: Blood

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Whether you carry fistfuls of dice, cupfuls of tokens, or a plethora of both, carry them in style with Fantasy Flight Supply Dice Bags. Each dice bag is decorated, with a vibrant, eye-popping image to let you personalize your supplies. Enforce your security, and render your diplomacy in Blood. Protect your game components and increase the longevity of your games. Each of these bags is large enough to carry bundles of dice and reach them comfortably. Embrace your gaming style while keeping your dice secure and at-hand with Fantasy Flight Supply Dice Bags. Fantasy Flight Supply is dedicated to giving you the options you need to get the most out of your games. This bag measures 6.25in x 9in (15.9 cm x 22.9 cm) .
•Eye-popping design
•Match your gaming style with a stylized image
•6.25" x 9" polyester/nylon dice bag
•Draw string closure
•Ages 13+

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