Digimon Card Game: Alternative Being Booster Pack

BandaiSKU: BJP78084

Sale price$4.19


Presenting a lineup of Digimon centered on non standard digivolutions! Features the official debut of [GreyKnightsmon] and also includes the Omnimon derived [Omnimon Alter S]! This is a booster set made for Digimon fans! Also includes Digimon linked to the popular [Royal Knights] theme! This set can be used to power up [Gallantmon], [Sakuyamon], and [MegaGargomon] decks from EX02!
•A new opposing force appears, awakening an "Alternative" instinct!
•Featuring tons of Digimon with unique Digivolution lines such as ChaosGallantmon!
•Use the [On Play] & [When Digivolving] effects to DNA Digivolve into Omnimon Alter-S!
•Combine the powers of Digimon using the new Alliance keyword!
•12 cards per pack

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