Doctor Who Sontaran Field Major Retro Action Figure

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Travel through time and space with Doctor Who! Reminiscent of the best-selling action figures of the 1970s and 1980s, Bif Bang Pow!'s amazing Doctor Who figures stand 8-inches tall and feature episode-specific fabric clothing, in addition to multiple points of articulation. Based on the incredibly popular television series, they embody that distinctive look and feel of the longest-running sci-fi TV series in the world. Right out of the serial "The Sontaran Experiment" starring the Fourth Doctor, Field-Major Styre comes with two accessories, a pistol and a communicator… plus, his helmet is removable! The Sontarans are diminutive cloned warriors, bred only for war, death, and victory. A Sontaran would choose death over life at any time, provided it furthered their race in winning their endless war with the Rutan Host. Sontaran Field-Major Styre was conducting a series of brutal experiments on a team of astronauts he had lured to the deserted surface of Earth in the far future. Styre's experiments were a prelude to a planned Sontaran invasion of Earth, which only the Fourth Doctor was able to stop.
•Travel through time and space with Doctor Who!
•Fully articulated action figures based on the popular TV series.
•Spotlights Field-Major Styre from the serial "The Sontaran Experiment."
•Comes with a pistol, communicator, and removable helmet!
•Real fabric clothing and a 1970s retro style.

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