Doodle Rush Card Game

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Doodle Rush is a fast-paced family-friendly party game which will keep you on your toes and challenge you to be quick on the draw! Perfect for kids, teenagers and adults, players draw 6 pictures in 60 seconds and then simultaneously guess what's on each other’s drawing boards. Each game consists of 6 x 1 minute drawing and guessing rounds - it's literally a 6 minute game (which you will want to play over and over). It's fast, it's loud, and it's lots of fun.
•DOODLE RUSH: Compete to draw 6 pictures in 60 seconds, and then guess the other players’ drawings - get points for correct guesses and lose them for unguessed pictures.
•FAMILY FRIENDLY: Requiring 3-6 players, this simple board game is a fun distraction suitable for children age 10+, teenagers and adults to play together - imagination is more important than skill!
•FAST & FUN: Perfect for parties, Doodle Rush gets loud and frantic! Forget about waiting for your turn - everybody plays all the time. The game contains 36 drawing boards, 6 markers, 175 double sided game cards (easy and hard) and a timer.
•6 MINUTE GAME: Quick and easy to set up and play, each round takes just 6 minutes, so there’s no time for kids to lose interest! You will want to play multiple rounds for endless amusement!
•BRAIN GAMES: We love board games! From quick, simple and fun family games to brain teasers to test your intelligence, every Brain Games product has beautiful graphics and unique gameplay. We make simple games that not only engage, but also develop your thinking, creativity and socialization skills.

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