Dragon Warriors RPG

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A smash hit in the 1980s, Dragon Warriors is an easily-grasped and fast-playing RPG of a dark medieval time where roving adventurers must deal with the schemes and power-plays of the feudal world and the terrifying inhabitants of British folklore and myth. Rich in atmosphere, magic and detail, it has a wide fan-base around the world. Both of its authors, Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson, have gone on to be successful fantasy novelists. This edition has been revised and updated, with new artwork and covers by John 'Warhammer Ancients' Hodgson.
•This rulebook contains full details for creating characters and all that players need to adventure in the Lands of Legend.
•It also holds information on over 110 different monstrous species, 192 spells from four different schools of magic, and more than 80 unique magic items, artifacts, and relics, as well as sections on jousts, crime and punishment, disease and madness.
•There's advice for novice GamesMasters and players, suggestions on building your own game-world tailored to your tastes, an introductory scenario to begin your adventures in Dragon Warriors, and much more.

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