Drinkopoly Board Game

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Drinkopoly is a social and interactive board game that provides hours of fun, laughs and mischief. It can be played at home, parties or outings. This game is like Monopoly except alcohol is involved. Hotels do not come with it - HOWEVER - you will probably need a hotel to crash in! Also the cards differ. EG.:One of the cards will instruct you to take off your 3 pieces of clothing and there is also a card that will instruct you to simulate favorite sex position. DRINKOPOLY is known as the “blurriest game ever” and it guarantees a forgettable experience.
•ADULT DRINKING FUN: Elevate your adult party with the Drinkopoly Party Game, the ultimate drinking experience for ages 21 and up.
•COMPLETE SET: This game includes a full-size game board, plastic tokens, cards, and dice, ensuring you have everything you need for a memorable night of fun.
•FORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE: With crazy rules and tasks, Drinkopoly guarantees a forgettable experience, the kind you expect from a pure drinking game.
•SOCIAL PARTY GAME: Gather up to six players and siddle up to the bar for inebriating fun, making it the perfect social party game for gatherings with friends.
•INCREASING CHALLENGE: The board and cards present different tasks that become more challenging the longer you play, keeping the excitement alive throughout the night.

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