Dungeon Drop: Treasure Trunk

Phase Shift GamesSKU: PSG118

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This storage solution is precision designed to store the Dungeon Drop game box (which is intended to hold all available game cards and rules, organized using the 7 included card dividers), 2 neoprene Dungeon Mats, a full set of Dungeon Walls, and the 5 included plastic game trays. Optionally swap out 2 to 4 of the game trays for another 1 to 2 cubical game boxes. If you don't own the Dungeon Mats or Dungeon Walls products, you can hold up to 6 cubical game boxes and still include 2 of the game trays. Whatever your preferred configuration may be, all contents will fit perfectly snug!
•Treasure Trunk box with built in divider
•7 card dividers
•5 plastic game trays with 2 compartments each
•This is not a standalone game.

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