Dungeons & Dragons RPG: Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden - Oyaminartok

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Goliath legends speak of a creature that prowls the far reaches of Icewind Dale; known as Oyaminartok the Winter Walker. She can take the form of either a polar bear or a hulking, bipedal shape obscured by wind and blowing snow. Elders invoke her name to keep young goliaths from wandering too far from home before they're ready. Adult goliaths sometimes encounter this legendary individual in their travels to the far-flung corners of the dale. If they flee like cowards, Oyaminartok laughs and lets them go to wander in obscurity. If they challenge Oyaminartok to a fight, the Winter Walker smiles and tests their mettle.
•Contains 3 resin pieces.
•Miniatures are provided unpainted.
•Assembly may be required.
•Ages 14+

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