Dungeons & Dragons Nolzur's Marvelous Brush Set

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The Dungeons & Dragons Brush Set includes three superior brushes - all complimenting the Starter Brush from the Adventurers set, for a full palette of brushes. This selection of German-made quality brushes adds a large Basecoat brush for bigger monsters, a fine Precise Detail brush for the smaller parts of the miniatures, and the special Drybrush for quick and effective highlights.
•THE ESSENTIAL D&D BRUSH SET: Even with Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments, applying any type of paint is often done best with a brush. The Dungeons & Dragons brush set contains 3 fantastic brushes – each selected for a special purpose and combined they make a perfect starter selection for any painter. The bristles are made from synthetic Toray hair, offering excellent brush quality at an affordable price.
•DESIGNED TO LAST: The Army Painter Brushes retains shape even with frequent use, to maintain your brushes, reshape the bristles of your brushes while wet until they dry.
•COMFORTABLE GRIP: Features a sleek triangular handle that allows a more relaxed grip, prevents slips and enhances accuracy with details.
•HIGH QUALITY TORAY BRISTLES: This brush is made from the finest Toray synthetic. Toray brushes release paint a bit slower than sable does, allowing you more control when using a brush this size. The brushes have ferrules made of strong, rust-resistant nickel that prevents corroding and rotting.
•MADE IN EUROPE: Our paint brushes for miniature painting stay true to European high quality standard

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