Dust Tactics: KV47 Walker

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The KV-47 are a line of armored light walkers. They are the SSU's Block answer to the every increasing threat of the Axis light and heavy walkers. Where most German walker designs are powerful weapons platforms, the SSU take only the essential systems, bolt on additional protective plating, and simplify the piloting requirements significantly. Additionally, the SSU has developed a specialized role for its nascent walker program. Where tanks are primarily used as infantry support, the KV-47 class walker are deployed as forward line breakers. Walker pilots are expected to advance steadily forward, concentrating firepower on a resilient targets.
•KV47 is a versatile new walker for Dust Tactics.
•While the SSU once lagged in walker technology, they have since developed the KV47, a walker platform capable of trading blows with any opposing armor.
•This impressive machine can be fielded in three different variants: the Nadya, Natasha, or Natalya.
•Whether you want to field the Nadya with its Sulfur Throwers, the Natasha and its 45mm Howitzers, or the Natalya featuring twin Circular Saws, there is a KV47 for any situation.
•Take command of this devastating SSU walker.

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