Eldritch Century RPG (5th Edition)

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Europe has been consumed by the Miasma, a thick fog that corrupts everything within. It emerged in 1918 and has been expanding since then. By the year 1984, the Wounded Earth has changed, with 6 powerful factions at each others' throats fighting the coldest of wars. A secret organization, the Minerva Initiative, recruits agents from every corner of the world to steal technologies from the factions and sabotage their most dangerous projects, while fighting the monsters within the Miasma and researching how to avoid a world-consuming 4th Miasmic expansion.
•Premium slipcase containing two hardcover books
•Expeditions guides you to create your character with the draco system and play with the 5e system rules
•A total of 600 pages and 272 highly-rendered illustrations at full-color

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