Elf Snowball Showdown Card Game

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Join Buddy the Elf in a surprise snowball fight! "Throw" a set of like-­colored snowball cards at another player and they can return fire! When you're the target, roll the jumbo snowball dice to dodge the icy barrage. When you get hit, take a snowball "splat" card-three hits and you're out. In this frigid fight, the last elf standing wins!
•Play snowball cards at other players and they play cards right back!
•Whoever gets hit with more snowballs takes a Hit card! Get hit three times and you're out!
•Special Snowball Die helps you build more snowballs or dodge a throw!
•3-6 Players | Ages 6+
•Contains 46 Snowball Cards, 12 Hit Cards, 1 Snowball Die, 1 Thrower Token, & Instructions

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