Enhance Enamel Dice With Pouch, Purple


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The ENHANCE 7pc Metal Dice set includes all the dice used in most TTRPG’s like DnD so you are prepared against your DM's tricks and traps when your fate hangs on each roll. The ENHANCE Collector's Edition Dice are made of a grey metal alloy and beautifully enameled with a color treatment for a thematic tie in with chromatic dragons. To ensure your character is completely prepared for battle, the Collector's Edition metal dice feature a Dragon Hide Dice Satchel to complement and match your other Collector's Edition ENHANCE Tabletop RPG travel bags and gaming accessories.
•COLLECTORS EDITION 7PC METAL DICE SET: Includes D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4, and D% (percentile) for a complete metal dice set ready for TTRPGs like D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds, Cyberpunk, more
•2-IN-1 CONVERTIBLE DICE BAG & TRAY: The Dragon Satchel (Vegan leather) transforms from a gorgeous drawstring dice bag to an unfolded dice arena so you can safely roll metal dice on any surface
•HEAVY DUTY METAL GAME DICE: Crafted out of hefty metal alloy with molded numbers that will outlast the toughest dungeon battles during each roll of fate (not stickers that peel like on other dice)
•MATCH YOUR DRAGON HIDE GEAR: The Collector's Edition dice feature a gunmetal grey finish and come in multiple color options to coordinate with ENHANCE Tabletop Collector's Edition bags and cases
•FORTIFY YOUR ODDS: Easy-to-read numbers keep gameplay going. NOTE: Only roll metal dice on protected surfaces, like the 2-in-1 Dragon Satchel, to avoid damage from traversing from your RPG to the TT

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