Epic Spell Wars of The Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre

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Did you know that magical wizards are battling to the death...and beyond...right now!? “Why battle??” you might ask. “What have I got to prove, magic man?” Only who's the most awesomely powerful battle wizard in the entire realm, that's what! As a battle wizard, you'll put together up to three spell components to craft spell combos. Your spells might kick ass, or they could totally blow – it's up to you to master the magic. You will unleash massive damage on the faces of your wizard rivals in a no holds barred, all-out burn down to be the last battle wizard standing. And it doesn't stop there! Powerful magic items bring on a whole new level of bloody carnage as you and your mighty wizard opponents tear each other limb from limb in an orgy of killing! Do you have what it takes to use epic spells in a war at Mt. Skullzfyre? Will you be the ultimate battle wizard!?! Ages 15+
•An explosive spell-casting card game for 2-6 players, ages 15+, with easy to learn rules, and a 30 minute playing time
•Hilarious spell-combining mechanic creates endless gameplay variation and invites players to explore hundreds of different winning combos!
•Create powerful spells and blast your opponents all to heck! Warning: Spicy Language!
•The box is cracking at the seams with super-cool art— Game cards feature over 100 original humorous illustrations!

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