Escape The Dark Sector Adventure Pack 1: Cult of the Death Knight | The Game of Deep Space Adventure

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Welcome prisoner, to a new era of the dark castle. The Death Knight himself, legendary swordsman and the one they call ‘Lord of decay’, has risen to prominence. The weak and the mindless flock to his banner, twisted by his dark influence into powerful, feral fanatics. They say he sends curses to crawl into the souls of the weary. Beware the curses, prisoner. Beware the Death Knight…
•FACE THE DEATH KNIGHT: Confront the legendary Death Knight in this thrilling expansion for Escape the Dark Castle, featuring new challenges and terrors.
•CURSES ABOUND: Unleash the power of curses with an entirely new game mechanic, adding depth and strategy to your adventures in the Dark Castle.
•NEW LOCATIONS AND PRISONERS: Explore fifteen new castle locations, embody the roles of three additional prisoners, and confront a formidable new boss.
•DARK INFLUENCE: Experience the chilling influence of the Death Knight as he corrupts the weak and the desperate, twisting them into feral fanatics.
•STRATEGIC CHOICES: Face the treacherous curses cast upon you by carefully selecting which prisoner will bear each affliction, adding a new layer of decision-making to your escape.

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