Escape The Dark Sector Mission Pack 2: Mutant Syndrome | The Game of Deep Space Adventure

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Exposed to a mysterious mutagen, the bodies of large numbers of Dark Sector inhabitants have begun to gruesomely distort - as have your own... Mutant Syndrome is an expansion pack for ESCAPE THE DARK SECTOR, introducing new rules and content to enhance your adventures.
•MUTANT MENACE: Face the terrifying effects of the mysterious mutagen that distorts both Dark Sector inhabitants and your own crew with the Mutant Syndrome Mission Pack for Escape The Dark Sector.
•ALIEN CREWMEMBERS: Encounter three new alien crewmembers, each marked by a unique mixed double symbol on their character dice, bringing fresh dynamics and strategies to your missions.
•MUTATION UNLEASHED: Experience the chaos of spontaneous mutations as your crewmembers can mutate during the mission. While mutations may lead to HP loss, they could also bestow valuable abilities for your journey.
•MUTATION DIE MECHANIC: Roll the Mutation Die to determine the unpredictable effects of the mutagen. Whether it's crewmembers mutating, encountering specific chapter card events, or facing the new boss, the Mutation Die adds an element of variability.
•EXPANDED ADVENTURES: Immerse yourself in the thrilling narrative of Escape the Dark Sector with the Mutant Syndrome Mission Pack. Uncover the mysteries of the mutated inhabitants and navigate the unpredictable challenges that await.

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