Escape The Dark Sector Mission Pack 3: Quantum Rift | The Game of Deep Space Adventure

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The very fabric of what you consider real is shattered as you hurtle through time and space - coming face to face with legendary dangers of the distant past... Quantum Rift is an expansion pack for ESCAPE THE DARK SECTOR, introducing new rules and content to enhance your adventures.
•TIME-WARPING ADVENTURE: Embark on an extraordinary journey through time and space with the Quantum Rift Mission Pack for Escape The Dark Sector.
•EXPANDED CREWMEMBERS: Meet three new alien crewmembers, each marked by a distinctive split double symbol on their character dice, adding a thrilling layer of complexity to your missions.
•RIFT CHAPTERS & ARTEFACTS: Brace yourself for encounters with legendary dangers from the distant past as your crew is thrust into Rift Chapters. Return with invaluable historical artefacts that can aid you in your mission.
•RIFT DIE MECHANIC: Experience temporal fluctuations as you roll the Rift Die during crewmembers' time-travel journeys, specific chapter card events and to determine the strength of the new boss. The Quantum Rift brings unpredictability to your adventures.
•UNVEIL THE MYSTERIES: Dive deeper into the immersive narrative of Escape the Dark Sector with the Quantum Rift Mission Pack. Traverse the vast expanse of time, face legendary foes, and uncover the secrets hidden within the rifts.

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