Essential Spider-Man Vol 09

Diamond Comic Dist.SKU: MAR092667

Sale price$19.99


J. Jonah Jameson's spent years making Spider-Man's life difficult - but payback's a switch when he gets shackled to Spidey, who has to rescue the irascible editor from not one but TWO mad scientists! Plus: the introductions of the Fly and Jigsaw! Electro, Mysterio, Calypso and Mesmero! And a Dr. Octopus saga so big it took two annuals to cover it! The death of a forgotten Golden Age hero and the fate of the burglar who started Spidey's career in the first place! Features first appearances by the Black Cat and Madame Web! Guest-starring Captain America, Dazzler, Dr. Strange, the Punisher and Spider-Woman! Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #186-210, ANNUAL #13-14 and PETER PARKER, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1.

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