EXIT: The Cursed Labyrinth

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Can you solve the riddles and escape the impenetrable labyrinth? During a tour of a historic castle, your attention is diverted to an intriguing labyrinth in the middle of the castle’s garden. Towering walls separate it from the outside world, and as you pass through the old iron gate in amazement, the sky suddenly darkens, and the wind begins to pick up. With a loud clang, the antique iron gate slams shut behind you! You try to open it, but it’s locked. Suddenly, to your terror, a gargoyle climbs over the gate toward you. Only by working together will you be able to solve the puzzles and escape the mysterious labyrinth.
•The escape room game you can play at home!
•This game can only be playced once. To solve the riddles, you will have to write on, fold, and cut the game materials. This makes it possible to have especially diverse riddles. The apper and cardboard components are recyclable!
•An unforgettable, unique gaming experience
•Work together to solve all the riddles as quickly as you can!
•1-4 Players | Ages 10+ | 65-120 Minutes Playing Time

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