Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Raiders: The Disciples

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Fizztop Mountain may have once been a nice place to visit, once. Now it keeps its namesake alive by being packed to the brim with mountains of corpses. A lot like The Pack, most Disciples would describe their perfect Sunday as one full of blood and murder, though they tend to try and at least pretend they’re not thinking about flaying the skin off everyone they meet most of the time. Fans of quick and efficient kills, the Disciples are thrill killers extraordinaire, always eager to move on to their next ‘project’.
•This miniatures set is compatible with both Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and Fallout: Factions, as part of the Nuka World wave for Wasteland Warfare and Season One of Factions.
•This Fallout: Miniatures set contains ten 32mm scale hard plastic, multi-part miniatures with optional parts and ten 30mm bases.
•Requires some assembly. Supplied unpainted.
•Models can be used with either the rules from the Nuka World Rules Expansion or the free digital cards

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