Final Girl Series 2: Lore & Scenario

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On the following pages, you will find the background for each of the iconic killers in the game. Then, if you wish, you can play out the events of that killer's film franchise by facing off against them in a unique set of scenarios!
•Each killer's arc is different. Sometimes a specific Final Girl will be featured, sometimes the scenarios will occur chronologically, and sometimes they will be connected only through the killer themselves or a thematic element.
•As such, it is recommended that the scenarios for any given killer be played in order if possible, but feel free to jump directly to the scenarios of any killer that interests you, if you wish.
•Each Scenario should be setup as you would a normal game of Final Girl, but using the specific elements listed for that scenario. For example, if a Scenario lists specific Terror cards, those are the cards that should be used to make the Terror deck, but it should still be randomly shuffled.
•In the back of this book you will find the lore for each of the Final Girl characters; the protagonists of the films! Plus, a few helpful strategy tips that might help you when playing the game with that particular Final Girl.
•1 Player | Ages 14+ | 20-60 Minutes Playing Time

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