Final Girl: Starter Set


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Ever wanted to star in your own horror movie? Now's your chance! In Final Girl, YOU become the heroine of the story. This is a solo game like no other that brings your favorite horror movie tropes to life using the innovative (and endlessly replayable) Feature Film Game System! Every second counts as you manage your time and actions. Play cards and roll the dice to move around the board, search for items, and even attack the Killer. Each card can be a success, an overwhelming success, or a crippling failure. Card management is crucial; manipulate the odds by discarding other c ards from your hand, or save them to purchase more powerful cards for later use. The decisions won't be easy, but they are yours and yours alone!
•Can you survive the night?
•With this Starter Set, you'll get the Core Box and your first Feature Film: The Happy Trails Horror, featuring Hans the Butcher and Camp Happy Trails.
•Everything you need to get started with Final Girl!
•Final Girl's innovative Feature Film Game System features magnetically attached, removeable boards. This means ANY Killer can be played at ANY location, and the setup is quick and easy!
•1 Player | Ages 14+ | 20-60 Minutes Playing Time

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