Final Girl: The Haunting of Creech Manor

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When a family moves into a new home, their little girl Carolyn begins noticing supernatural phenomena. This Feature Film has a killer of a different kind! Can the babysitter turned savior find Carolyn and get out before The Poltergeist traps her forever? Find out in The Haunting of Creech Manor!
•In this addition to the Final Girl experience called The Haunting of Creech Manor, it is up to you to save a little girl named Carolyn who has become the target of a malevolent spirit.
•Choose either of the included Final Girls, Selena or Alice, and try to avoid becoming the next victim of the Poltergiest of Creech Manor.
•Search for Carolyn in terrifying rooms like the attic and the closet. Once you've found her, escape the manor with your lives before it is too late.
•This is NOT a standalone game! You must have the Final Girl Core Box to play!
•1 Player | Ages 14+ | 20-60 Minutes Playing Time

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