Fire & Axe: A Viking Saga

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Norse law dictates that every man shall possess a weapon at all times. The need to swiftly wield a sword or an axe in the name of battle, honor, or revenge was ever-present; Valhalla will not be filled with the weak.
•In Fire & Axe, you will vie for glory across a series of epic Viking sagas. Each saga is a different journey to raid, trade, and settle territories. Will you choose the path of diplomacy and trade for victory or will your longship cast a bloody wake?
•Start your journey by gathering crew and goods to outfit your boat. Will your ships be filled with warriors or goods? Settlers or sackers? After your launch from bustling ports into the open sea and the wide world beyond, you must choose your path to power.
•But don't get lost in the wind; the sea will gladly devour the souls of those who take her lightly...
•The life of a Viking is one of power and glory, or one of untold sorrow. Which shall be your destiny?
•3-5 Players | Ages 12+ | 90 Minutes Playing Time

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