Firefly: The Game - Crime and Punishment Expansion

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Crime Pays! Gettin` the job done just got more interesting with Crime & Punishment, an expansion for Firefly: The Game that adds a whole heap of new troubles to the `Verse. Crime & Punishment adds 40 new cards to the Misbehave Deck, presenting more hassles, hardships, and rare opportunities for those crews that might indulge in a bit of criminal behavior now and then. Plus, new Alliance Priority Alerts put the screws to those just trying to make an honest (or dishonest) credit, while new Story Cards cater to captains who are willing to do anything to get by - the greater the risk, the greater the reward!
•Officially Licensed
•40 new Misbehave Cards add even more criminal exploits!
•10 new Alert Cards add new challenges
•New Setup and Story cards have even more tales to tell!
•Not a Stand-Alone Product! For Use with Firefly: The Game

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