Football Showcase with UV Protection, Black Stand

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The BCW Football Showcase is a crystal-clear display case to protect and display a collectible football. To enclose the football, slide apart the two clear, U-shaped pieces, rest the football on the included black grandstand, and place the ball and black stand on the clear base. Then slide the second clear piece back into position. The precision-fit design makes a premium presentation for the football on a shelf, while protecting your memorabilia from dust and little hands. Ultraviolet light blockers in the polystyrene plastic help protect the collectible.
•CRYSTAL CLEAR AND DURABLE: Our showcase is made from crystal clear and durable polystyrene, ensuring that your sport memorabilia remains in pristine condition while on display. The UV protection helps prevent fading, keeping your autographed or special bal looking as vibrant as the day you placed it in the showcase.
•EASY ASSEMBLY: Constructed with convenience in mind, the BCW Showcase features an easy-to-assemble 2-piece design that slides together effortlessly. No complicated setup or tools required – simply assemble and enjoy the display of your favorite ball or mini helmet.
•SECURE PROTECTION: Protect your valuable collectibles from dust, scratches, and handling with our sturdy and reliable display cases. The cases are designed to shield your memorabilia from environmental elements while allowing you to enjoy an unobstructed view.
•MINIMALIST DESIGN: The BCW Showcase boasts a minimalist design that complements any setting. Whether it's showcased in your home, office, or sports memorabilia collection, its sleek and understated design enhances the overall presentation, letting your baseball, football, basketball, etc take center stage.
•BUILT-IN STAND: The showcase comes with a built-in stand, providing a stable and stylish platform for your sports ball or mini helmet. The stand adds a touch of sophistication, elevating your sports display to a whole new level.

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