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Brilliant rays of sunlight reflect off the waters of the Mediterranean onto the glitzy casinos and gently bobbing yachts and speedboats of the Monaco marina. A sudden roar from the streets rises above the sound of the sea—the shouts of thousands of spectators, suddenly drowned by the bellow of high-octane engines making 18,000 revolutions per minute. In blur of color, a pack of Formula 1 cars race down the Monaco speedway at over two-hundred miles per hour. Take your place in the pack and accelerate to victory in Formula D! Formula D is a high-stakes game of speed and danger for two to ten racers. Every game is a race between you and the other drivers that begins as soon as you shift into first gear on the starting line. Every turn you must choose how fast you will push your car, while you navigate the corners and chicanes that could send you skidding into defeat. Whether you race along the beaches of Monaco in sleek Formula 1 cars or take your place in a dangerous, high-speed street race, you’ll need all your skill and luck to cross the finish line first in a game of Formula D.
•Formula D is a high stakes Formula One type racing game where the players race simulated cars with the hope of crossing the finish line first.
•This is a re-release of Formula Dé with several changes from the original format.
•Whilst old tracks can be used with the updated Formula D rules, the new game features boards that have an F1 track and a Street Track on the other side.
•2-10 Players | Ages 14+ | 60 Minutes Playing Time
•60 Minutes Playing Time

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