France '40 Board Game (2nd Edition)

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France '40 contains two separate games: Sickle Cut and Dynamo. Both games use the same rules and share many game pieces, but each has a separate full size map. The rules for both games highlight armor, air support, and morale. Special rules include: Allied Heavy Tanks, DeGaulle, Rommel, Hitler's Halt Order, and French Command Paralysis. "...Even if the operation were to have only a 10% chance of success, I would stick with it. For only this can lead to the defeat of the enemy.” —General Halder, Chief of General Staff.
•France ’40 2nd Edition is a major upgrade to the original game.
•The rules for Extended Movement, Combat, Advance After Combat, Breakthrough Combat, and Determined Defense have been updated so they are more in line with the recent games in the 19XX series (such as Stalingrad ’42 and Salerno ’43). A new scenario has been included designed by Mark Merritt that combines both maps.
•In addition, many new units have been added and some old units modified to provide a more accurate order of battle for both Sickle Cut and Dynamo. A few minor cities, some roads, and a fortified hex were added to the Dynamo map.
•And most importantly, both scenarios have been sent through the playtest cycle again to make sure they are better balanced than they were in the first edition.
•2 Players | Ages 14+ | 4-6 Hours Playing Time

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