French & Indian War Board Game

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The French and Indian War is a strategic game on that conflict in America during the peak war years of 1757 to 1759. One side commands the British and its allies while the other commands the French and its allies. The object of the game is for the British player to control enough key locations in New France to win the war. The French goals are to protect New France while pursuing its own strategy of gaining territory in the American colonies.
•The game uses point-to-point movement and wooden blocks to represent the troops, armies, and navies of the war, which are Indians, Regulars, Militia and Ships
•The gameboard shows the Eastern seaboard of North America in 1757, from Alexandria to Quebeca nd the frontier to the Great Lakes
•The game covers the peak war years 1757 through 1759. This time covers when the great campaigns occurred
•Forts William Henry, Duquesne, Niagara, Louisbourg, and the conclusion at Quebec were the major campaigns that defined the war and its outcome
•2 Players | Ages 14+ | Victory within 1 hour

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