GAMEMASTER: Character Starter Role Playing Paint Set

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Nothing brings a Fantasy World more to life than the creatures that inhabit it. Playing with painted miniatures will level-up your whole role playing experience as it brings your adventure to life on the tabletop in front of you. This epic paint set contains not only a full party of 5 fantastic, highly detailed miniatures – it also includes a Starter Brush and 19 of the most essential colours you need plus 1 brush-on-primer (20 paints in total) to paint your party of heroes and heroines fighting the foul monsters, dragons, and evil creatures lurking in dark dungeons or above ground.
•CREATE YOUR OWN FANTASY ARMY MEN: This unique set contains everything necessary to bring your roleplaying miniature war game models on the table to face their foes in spectacular home-made settings
•SHAKE AND ENJOY: This Miniature paint set comes with ideal materials to create your own roleplaying scenario. The paints are specially designed for character & include 15 Acrylic, 2 Metallic, 2 Washes, and Brush-on Primer
•COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE: Perhaps our best guide to date! Our How To Build miniatures army and set up a war guide is filled to the brim with excellent tips, step-by-step tutorials and inspiration for your miniature wargame
•SPECIALIZED PAINT SET: The set comes with a brush-on primer, especially for painting character miniatures. The acrylic paints included in the set follow our usual high Warpaints quality with an acrylic paint brush
•CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We hope you will love our Character set. Also, you will get a digital value bundle inside of this table top war games

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