GameMastery Cards: Face Cards (Friends & Foes)

PaizoSKU: PZO3010

Sale price$9.99


Be it a sinister sneer, a welcoming glance, or a sly wink, first impressions count in any game. This 54-card set of beautifully illustrated, full-color Face Cards lets you give a new dimension to your game’s NPCs.
•Friends & Foes contains a diverse mix of character types, from helpful merchants to rough mercenaries to crafty spellcasters.
•A blank writable surface on the back of each card helps to identify the characters and keep notes on them.
•Appropriate for both player characters and non-player characters alike, the stunning visages of GameMastery Face Cards bring a new visual flair to any fantasy RPG campaign!
•54 Unique face cards for any fantasy roleplaying game!

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