Glitter Satin Deck Cube, Red

Ultra ProSKU: up16009

Sale price$16.99


Ultra PRO’s Satin Cube is compact, secure, and durable! An update to the fan favorite Satin Tower, the injection molded plastic shell is designed to store and protect 100+ standard size trading cards in Ultra PRO Deck Protector® sleeves. The unique snap-fit locking mechanism keeps your valuable cards and components securely stored. This Satin Cube features a Glitter finish and is designed for mixing and matching tops with any other Satin Cube or Satin Tower!
•Satin Cube Deck Box® in a translucent Glitter finish
•Stores 100+ standard size cards
•Injection molded plastic design is highly durable for premium protection
•Snap-fit locking mechanism ensures your cards and components are securely stored
•Mix and match pieces with any other Satin Tower or Satin Cube

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