Glory Board Game (2nd Edition)

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The Great Castle stands in the midst of a troubled four lands. Beyond its great walls lie towns in need of heroes, paths wrought with uncertainties, strange beasts, the occasional haven- and if you venture forth far enough: awesome and undefeatable foes which you may throw your brave life against. Stock up wisely on the goods of the Castle Shoppe, Glory Seeker, learn abilities through your tribulations, and whenever you venture, remember: No guts, no glory! To the victor, the spoils! And yet, as true: to the rash, death.
•Almost every turn you will have the opportunity to kill yourself, but you won't. You will therefore practice wisdom.
•By the end you will be forced by competition and your character growth to face-off against something that bears a real chance of affecting your game mortality. And so you will exercise actual courage.
•You see, as you leave the castle to help the kingdom, everything you do earns you glory. But the more glory you have, the harder it is to get more. And you are mortal- like, you die and don't come back mortal. So you have the real feeling of danger. You are never, ever, ever forced to risk your last point of health if you don't want to. But you can. It really is you, and not just the game, that keeps you alive.
•Problem is, someone else may take more risk than you and to get to 20 glory faster. So you might have to temper your wisdom with bravery...
•Enjoy fantastic art, a fantasy kingdom, simple rules, and lots of room for making fun with your friends.

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