Go Deluxe Boxed Set For Beginners

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Basic Go Set - The perfect go set for beginners. Includes Wood GO board, Black & White plastic GO stones and instructions. What is Go? Go is an old strategy game meant for two players that has gone by many different names over the years, with even more variations. Known for its simple rules Go is a very easy game to learn but incredibly difficult to master because of the in-depth strategy that surpasses even chess in its complexity. As one of the oldest strategy games in the world the game has a history as wide and varied as the places its played.
•Experience the ancient game of Go like never before!
•Our Beginner Go Set is the perfect starter kit for first-timers - perfect for those looking to get into this classic game without having to spend a fortune.
•It's time to move beyond checkers and chess - GO for the ultimate board game challenge today!
•2 Players | Ages 12+

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