Green Bay Packers Bingo Game

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Play bingo with your favorite NFL Team! This Green Bay Packers Bingo Game puts a football spin on the family favorite. Many of the symbols represent your favorite NFL Team and other football memorabilia. Make all 9 matches and be the first to shout BINGO! This MasterPieces Bingo Game includes 1 spinner, 6 gameboards, and 84 custom tokens. Perfect for ages 3 and up.
•SPIN: Each player takes turns spinning the wheel. Everybody gets to play every turn.
•MATCH: If the picture on the spinner matches a space on your board, place a token on your board.
•BINGO!: The first player to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of tokens wins!
•Great for a party!
•2-6 Players | Ages 6+

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