Grizzled The Board Game

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“The Grizzled” is a cooperative game. The players win or lose together. The right balance between individual and collective risk-taking will lead to success. A true group challenge, this intense and immersive game is also an homage to our forebears. Ages 14+, 2-5 players.
•Co-op game where the players win or lose together
•Beautiful Illustrations - The art by Tignous powerfully transports the players to the front lines of a raging war
•Work Together - The Grizzled is fully cooperative. Players will have to make the best decisions for the group and sacrifice if they hope to survive
•Quick Challenge - Each round can be very tough to survive. It’s a lot of drama packed into quick 30 minute games, sure to have players coming back for more
•2-5 Players | Ages 14+ | 30 Minutes Playing Time

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