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German Hanseatic League, Latin: Hansa Teutonica , is the name for a medieval association of Low German merchants. Cities that joined the Hanseatic League of Merchants and Cities are called Hanseatic cities. The players try to increase their reputation as merchants during the Hanseatic League. There are different ways of doing this: Setting up branches in as many cities as possible or even building a cohesive network can be just as promising as improving your own dealer characteristics. The players take actions during their turn. In this way, they can place their dealers on the board, relocate them or even displace opposing dealers. If they manage to occupy all the connecting points between two cities, they can set up a trade route and set up a branch. In some cities, instead of occupying a settlement, a player may develop one of his characteristics. This allows him to act better in the further course of the game. In the end, the player with the most prestige points wins.
•Hansa Teutonica is an open action strategy game of achieving wealth and fame in the Hanseatic League.
•Clever use of your merchants and traders, timely improvements of your abilities, constant observation of your opponents, and the best use of the various opportunities to gain vital prestige are the keys to becoming the most successful merchant in history.
•The strategy classic in a new Big Box edition contains all 3 published game maps, 9 mission cards, and the Emperor's Favour expansion
•3-5 Players | Ages 12+ | 45-90 Minutes Playing Time

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