Hero System 5E: Teen Champions

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I can't fight Dr. Destroyer now - I've got to study for tomorrow's exam! Fighting supervillains is a tough job. It can be even tougher when you're in high school and have to worry about finishing your homework, finding a date for the prom, and sticking to your curfew while you're doing it! Teen Champions covers this comic book subgenre for Champions, providing character creation and campaign advice for awesome teen hero gaming fun. TC also includes complete details on Ravenswood Academy, the super-students who study there, and other teen heroes of the Champions Universe.
•The book opens with a discussion on the genre itself. One of the aspects that this section conveys nicely is that Teen games are usually High Drama without being Very Serious (well, not in the eyes of adults, just about everything is a crisis to a teen though).
•The first part has in depth coverage of the many aspects of a Teen Champions game. Starting with Age and the lack of freedom those under eighteen experience.
•An extensive section on Schools (where much of the action is centered around), including a side-bar on playing a run-aways style game instead.
•Other setting locations that get coverage include the home environment, common hang-outs and places teens can get a job for some extra cash.
•The last part covers Super Schools in more detail, which are schools prepared to handle Super Teens either openly or not.

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