Hero System 5E: Ultimate Metamorph

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The Ultimate Metamorph is the HERO System sourcebook for characters who change themselves; by the book's definition, a metamorph "is any character who in some way changes his form ... and for whom that change is a defining element of his powers, abilities, personality or self-perception." What's interesting about the book is that it defines this shift not only in physical terms but also in mental/spiritual ones (e.g. Jekyll and Hyde). This means that the character conceptions possible for a metamorph are appropriately varied, even in fairly "realistic" genres.
•Chapter One: Metamorph Characters illustrates that point in greater detail.
•A shifter is rarely what the book calls a True Metamorph, that is, someone who can change into practically anything (one example would be Odo from Deep Space Nine).
•These characters are usually of more discrete types.
•The book lists them in the categories of Internal (who changes more mentally than physically, again like Mr. Hyde), Cosmetic (who only changes appearance, like a Master of Disguise), Minor (who has a limited form of change, like the ability to grow and/or shrink), Major (who has a more sweeping form of metamorphosis, like the X-Men's Rogue, who can gain new powers by taking them from other characters) and Complete Metamorphs who change radically, including not only the "True Metamorph" but something like DS9's Dax, a symbiotic lifeform who basically changes entire characters by changing physical hosts.

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