Heroes of Barcadia Party Pack Expansion


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Two more adventurers have joined the party from the outskirts of Barcadia. Meet Tipple the Half Pint and Maltilda the Stout-Hearted. Who will you add to your party? Make your base game even better with this party pack.
•HEROES OF BARCADIA Party Pack Expansion: When a Six Pack of Heroes just isn't enough, expand your trusted team (or villainous opponents) of well-hydrated, Drinking Dungeon Explorers to EIGHT Players!
•Take your Adult Drinking Games to 8! HEROES OF BARCADIA Party Pack Expansion Includes: 2 ALL NEW Liquid Life Health Bar Character Cups, 18 Plastic Polygon Dungeon Room Tiles, 34 Loot Cards - AND...
•HEROES OF BARCADIA Party Pack Expansion also Includes: 10 Plastic Power-Up Cards, 2 Plastic Reference Cards, 2 MORE 20 Sided Glitter Dice, 2 Signature Move Cards, all in a Full-Color Display Box too!
•HEROES OF BARCADIA Party Pack Expansion: Is (just like the Full HoB Base Game) 100% WATERPROOF! No one knows adult games for game night fun and safety better than your friends at ROLLACRIT!
•HEROES OF BARCADIA Party Pack Edition: Much more than just a simple card games for adults - it's a Complete Game Night Party Setup in a Box! Strategy, Drinks, Death and Glory - YOURS FOR THE TAKING!

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