High Rise Board Game | The Sky is the Limit!

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As a building mogul, you are never short on funding for your next big skyscraper. If only the laws in this city were not as annoyingly restrictive! Luckily, you got friends in all the right spots, so you should manage...
•High Rise is a city-building game with a bit of corruption. You'll move along a one-way track to any spot you like and take its action. But take care: the further you jump, the more turns your opponents will get!
•You'll buy materials and match them to Blueprints to construct ever taller buildings. The higher you manage to build, the more points your buildings will earn you.
•This game comes with rules for the Standard Game as well as the Full game.
•Do you have what it takes to be a ruthless mogul?
•1-4 Players | Ages 14+ | 90-120 Minutes Playing Time (Standard) 150-180 Minutes (Full)

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