Hoplomachus: Victorum Board Game

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After being defied by humanity, Pluto, lord of the underworld, has set in motion a supervolcanic eruption from the depths of Mount Vesuvius. The only way to stave off annihilation is to best Pluto and his seven scions in combat at the mountain's summit. Eight heroes have stepped forward to meet this challenge, flanked by the finest warriors the earth can muster. Are they up to the challenge? Are you?
•Hoplomachus: Victorum is an epic game of gladiatorial combat for one player.
•Throughout the game's four acts, the player will transform their lowly hero into a powerful leader, besting warriors on eight unique maps and building a powerful army to take on the scions in the final conflict.
•With tactics and rules that are easy to learn but challenging to master, Hoplomachus: Victorum is a strategic feast that will keep the experienced solo player engaged for hours as they chart the bravest route to victory.
•1 Player | Ages 14+ | 90 Minutes Per Act

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