I Would Kill Hitler Party Game

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I Would Kill Hitler is a party game where you'll answer weird, wild, and wonky "What Would YOU Do?" hypothetical questions. You'll use cards in your hands to add a pinch of HILARITY to your story. In turn, you'll have 60 seconds to answer the question. Instead of turning in cards for someone else to read, you'll have to make every damn word up on the spot, answering what YOU would do in that scenario. Be brave. Be spontaneous. Be creative in how you play as the best story will win the round. The first player to win five rounds wins the game. Based on an improv group game the creators play.
•TELL YOUR STORY: You have 60 seconds to answer what YOU would do in the hypothetical, competing with your other friends' answers.
•BE FUNNY!: You know how when you prepare something funny to say, it falls flat? But when you trust yourself to be spontaneuous people eat that sh*t up? Ok, good talk.
•SPITE: Every purchase made goes towards spiting the enemies we made along the way.
•3-8 Players | Ages 17+ | 30+ Minutes Playing Time

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