Inventions: Evolution of Ideas Board Game | Complete Bundle Includes Upgrade Pack & Promo Cards

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Since the dawn of time, humanity has sought new ideas, forever developing them into newer concepts. Their genius made them stand out from the other animals. Each invention is a veritable evolutionary step. Humans’ use of tools surpasses all others, making Homo Sapiens technologists since before historical records were invented.
•Inventions follows humanity’s most noteworthy innovations and places the power of these technological developments in your hands to evolve your societies over the ages.
•In Inventions, cards simulate these new concepts. They are the ideas that eventually become inventions. Once they are invented, they can be shared with the world, and everyone involved in the process spreads exciting news. You can even share with other societies, boosting the inventions’ efficacy.
•Inventions is a tactical game that revolves around long-term strategy. Each society’s progress will be measured in Ingenuity Points (IP). The player with the most IP has the strongest society and wins the game.
•This edition includes the upgrade pack & promo cards
•1-4 Players | Ages 14+ | 60-150 Minutes Playing Time

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