Invid Invasion: A Robotech Game

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Weary from the constant battle with the Robotech Masters, the United Earth Forces eventually fell to the Invid Invasion. Lt Cmdr Scott Bernard leads a tight-knit team of freedom fighters towards the main Invid base located at Reflex Point. Their greatest hope for liberating the Earth lies defeating the Invid while waiting for the return of Admiral Hunter’s Expeditionary Force.
•Officially Licensed
•Invid Invasion is a cooperative card and dice game for 1-6 players, played in two phases where human heroes must work together using their Mecha and Protoculture to cleanse Reflex Point of the alien Invid invaders and their Queen Regess before it's too late.
•Players move their Heroes around the Reflex Point battling the occupying Invid. As time is running out the Heroes use their Mecha's combat dice and their precious gear cards to try to wrest victory from the jaws of utter and total defeat!
•1-6 Players Ages 13+ | 90-120 Minutes Playing Time

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