Invisible Sun: The Black Cube

Monte Cook GamesSKU: MCG135

Sale price$169.99


Surreal fantasy, secrets, and magic that is truly magical. Invisible Sun is the most ambitious RPG product in decades - perhaps ever - not just in its physical form but also its unique setting and groundbreaking new form of play.
•The black cube contains four hardcover bokks with 600+ pages, plus 1000 cards and hundreds of other components
•Gameplay and setting are as rich, sophisticated, and beautiful as the physical product
•Surreal fantasy setting that's truly unique. Unlike any previously published RPG
•Purchase includes an app that facilitates between-session play. Invisible Sun may look like a collector's item, but this game does more than any RPG to facilitate actual play in today's hectic world
•A not-to-be-missed piece of gaming history from Monte Cook, the world's most celebrated designer

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