Jerusalem: Anno Domini


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In Jerusalem Anno Domini, each player represents one of the communities of followers of Jesus of Nazareth who, coming to Jerusalem from the nearby cities and towns, want to get closer to the place of the Last Supper and be as close as possible to Jesus' seats. and his apostles. Different locations appear on the board: the market, the desert, the mountain, the lake and the temple. After sending our followers to one of these locations, we will obtain stones, bread and fish, as well as denarii or letters that will allow us to carry out more actions. Among these actions, players will be able to choose between listening to a parable, going to the table, changing seats or doing a favor, among others. After an involving theme, Jerusalem Anno Domini will not disappoint lovers of challenges. Players will have at their disposal a range of possibilities and multiple ways to get victory points. Preparing the best strategies to get the most out of your followers will be one of the keys to victory.
•Travel 2,000 years back in time to relive one of the most influential episodes in Western history: The Last Supper.
•Players control one of the different clans that inhabit the city, collecting stones, bread, fish, and denarii as they try to become the most influential group by seating their followers closest to Jesus and the apostles.
•The immersive gameplay and interesting decisions will appeal to a wide audience and become a must-have for the most enthusiastic gamers.
•1-4 Players | Ages 12+ | 90 Minutes Playing Time

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